Open Positions

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Software Engineer - Java Urgent

A Software Engineer (Java) at Rubico will require experience of Java, J2EE specs/technologies in contrast to the Spring framework.

Software Engineer - Node.js Urgent

MEAN Stack developer required minimum 1+ years of relevant experience in Node.js Development

Software Engineer - Python/Django Urgent

A Python Developer should have a good understanding of Django framework.

Software Engineer - React Native Urgent

This position will require working alongside the development team to help create and build clients’ digital presence on mobile, tablet and other mobile devices.

WordPress Developer Urgent

A Wordpress Developer will require a strong knowledge of PHP/MySQL/WordPress Development as well as excellent communication skills...  

Front-End Engineer

A Front-End Engineer at Rubico will be an integral part of our development team as we work on the design, development, and maintenance of customized websites and related web applications.

Network & Server Admin

A Network & Server Admin at Rubico will have an essential role in administering and managing the company’s local area network and cloud-based hostings.

Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator works closely with the development team to deliver results and achieve targets by managing the client's expectations.

Proposal Coordinator

A Proposal Coordinator at Rubico will be an essential part of our team and will be working closely with the development team to deliver results and achieve targets by managing client expectations and understanding requirements...

QA Engineer

A QA Engineer requires experience with Functional, Integration, Regression, Database and System testing and a good understanding of writing the test plan, cases, etc...

Software Engineer - Android

An Android App Developer require working experience on cross platforms using JavaScript (Jquery), HTML/CSS, JSON, AJAX, etc...

Software Engineer - Angular

This role requires Proficiency with JavaScript and HTML5 and Deep knowledge of AngularJS practices.

Software Engineer - iOS

An iOS App Developer requires experience with designing, development and, maintenance of iOS apps...

Software Engineer - PHP

A Software Engineer at Rubico will require the understanding of project requirements and specifications, strong logical and troubleshooting skills...

Solutions Architect

Solutions Architect at Rubico will be involved in working closely with the Business Development team and will be part of the Consulting & Strategy team...

UI-UX Designer

A UI-UX Designer will require the ability to come up with creative solutions and innovative ideas...