Grow in your communication skills

It’s important now more than ever to be a good communicator, especially as we prepare to work together in person again. We miss out on a lot of aspects of communication when we are not together in person to pick up on the non-verbal communication of our colleagues, so here are some tips to be a good communicator:

  • Clearly communicate with your teammates verbally. People don’t know what you are thinking, so express yourself.
  • Believe the best in others. That’s what you’d want others to do.
  • Encourage your colleagues. Let them know you appreciate them as a person and their efforts.
  • Be prompt and courteous to fellow team members. For example, fill out your WFH form on time – this helps your HR team.
  • Be respectful. All people deserve to be treated honorably.
  • Be a good listener, even about personal matters. This is important – everyone has a story to share.
  • Ask questions especially when you are not sure you understand. It’s better to ask a question than take the risk of misunderstanding.
  • Be patient & kind. You’ll help create a nice working environment.
  • Create a safe place for people to talk about something if you know they have things on their mind.  

Good and effective communication will help you work well with others.  When you see your colleagues in person again soon, greet them with the biggest smile and be thankful for each member of our Rubico team!


  • The office is open. Would like to encourage the team to start working from the office for better learning and collaboration.

Work from Office!!
We can’t wait to welcome you back! We have a gift for you and would love to see you at the office. It’s not the same without you!


  • We congratulate:
    • Dave Deepak on his 13th work anniversary.
    • Edwin Chandra on his 9th work anniversary.
    • Jack Braj on his 7th work anniversary.
    • Chris Anubhav on his 7th work anniversary.
    • Cody Praveen on his 6th work anniversary.
    • Vipin Kukreti on his 5th work anniversary.
    • Pankaj on his 5th work anniversary.
    • Brock Sudeep on his 4th work anniversary.
    • Emily Ritika on her 4th work anniversary.
    • Paul Subhav on his 4th work anniversary.
    • Nancy Shalini on her 4th work anniversary.
    • Stephen Sachin on his 4th work anniversary.
    • Arthur Atul on his 3rd work anniversary.
    • Eric Shubhashis on his 2nd work anniversary.
    • Jesse Jitendra on his 2nd work anniversary.
    • Michael Mustfa on his 2nd work anniversary.
  • We wish a joyous birthday to Saahil Joshua, Karen Prerana, Aaron Amit, Simon Saurabh, Sam Sumit, Chris Anubhav, Gordon Summit, David Dharmendra, Gavin Mohit, and Norman Gaurav.

  • We welcome Carolyn Yashika, Babit Tank, Derek Deepak, Siddharth Kalra, Melvin Mandeep, Ralph Mohit, and Ryan Vedansh to Rubico’s HDR office.
  • We welcome Troy Sanidhya, Megan Mehak, Ronald Vivek, George Gaurav, Phil Rahul, and Samuel Sourav to Rubico’s DDN office.

Quote of the day

“Communication works for those who work at it”

                                                        ~ John Powell