Application Process

What happens on other side of application process? Here’s what you can expect once you apply for a job at Rubico.

Step 01

Submit an Application

Our recruiting team reviews your application to see if it’s a good match for the role.


Step 02

Screening Phone Interview

The recruiter will have a conversation on call to learn more about you and answer any questions.


Step 03

Face-to-Face Interviews

You’ll be interviewed over video through Zoom with 3-5 interviewers who have prepared to ask you thoughtful questions. You may be called for face to face interview at our office for finalizing the decision.


Step 04

Decision Stage

Hopefully, after the hiring team debriefs, you receive an offer. If not, we always provide candidates with thoughtful feedback for future interviews.

Rubico IT Culture Charter

We want to hire people who will make Rubico IT a better place to work. People who will add to our culture with their unique ideas and backgrounds. When people ask what it’s like to work at Rubico IT, you’ll usually hear the same few sentiments.

charter-grid charter-grid
There are no boundaries

Everyone from the CEO to developers share information, knowledge, and ideas. Being radically transparent helps us all think alike, and stay focused on solving problems for our customers.

Everyone’s empowered to work autonomously.

Amazing people do amazing things. At Rubico IT, everyone has ownership of work that directly impacts the atmosphere. Trust is the best tool to help us to create a diverse and inclusive environment where you feel you belong.

Employees are people, not resources.

Employees are whole people, with families, hobbies, and lives outside of work. We keep flexible hours and create a work-life “fit” for us and the people we love.

Culture of inclusive growth

We’re building a culture where personal and professional growth is just as important as business growth. Please apply if you see a position that makes your heart skip a beat. Come join us and help us build the best IT company in Uttarakhand where we’re all proud to belong.

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